"Our amazing meat free Bacon is flavored with Apple, maple and smoked seasonings that will wow everyone ".

"You can use our Vacon to create so many different combinations from a classic V.L.T, rolls and wraps to the never failing all day breakfast. You can use this delicious product to top pizzas, pastas and so many wonderful recipes i can not fit them all on this page".

"Our incredible southern fried crispy chikn goujons will put a smile on anyone's face. Many prefer them to chicken and we tend to agree".

"Our goujons are so versatile and can be used in so many ways. From a classic time proven chicken burger to amazing wraps and subs or just with a dip of your choice. they are also perfect to compliment your kids menu".

"The Doner-Veebab!!

If you like it spicy this amazing product packs a punch. We have combined numerous aromatic herbs and spices to create a meatless kebab that will convince you that you can be meat free without losing all that your taste buds desire".

While trading as a street food business we sold thousands of these with many meat eaters saying they enjoyed it more than the meat version

“There are many dishes that can be made with our Doner Vebab,from a classic doner warp filled with slaw, salad and spicy vegan mayo to an amazing topping for pizzas. we have sold thousands and the feed back is unanimous, people cant believe it is not meat".

“Our Apple smoked Sozage has

amazing flavour and texture

and can be used in numerous ways from a sandwich roll or wrap or as a compliment to the all day breakfast or why not try a casserole".

“All we can say is try them for yourself, if you are changing your diet and want to reduce meat consumption these are what you need".

“If you miss your meat balls you don't need to anymore, these No meat balls are amazing even if i do say so myself".

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