Spreading Love Through Food.

Early in 2017 I started developing our products after I had decided to make the jump to become fully vegan; I had been vegetarian for about 4 years previously. The difference It made to my health was so incredible that I decided to start a fully vegan food business. In the beginning I was met with concerns from close friends and relatives who were unsure that it would be a sustainable business however I felt compelled that this was the direction for me. I had spent a few years drifting feeling as if I didn’t have a true purpose so when I became so inspired by the changes in myself it felt like a “meant to be moment” in my life.

Initially I sold my products at Totnes market in Devon where I very quickly gained a strong following and the amazing reviews started to flood in. from there I started a takeaway which again took off like lightning. My goal had always been to produce and sell my products through restaurants and retail outlets so when I started having staffing problems I made the decision that it was time to fully focus and "the vegan chef" was born. With the help of my partners Rich, Lucy and Rich's mum Terena here we are.

I truly hope you will enjoy our products as much as many others have. Food is the foundation of all our lives so eating well and getting the flavours we desire is at the top of the list. I believe our planet needs as much TLC as we can give her so our motto is to spread a little love through food.